Steel Fire Pits Fire Rings Fire Element – Whatever You Want to Call Them

Fire Pits For Sale In Denton Texas

Denton Texas Fire Pits

I am acting as a middleman for bringing the fire to Denton, Texas. We love our fire ring so much during these short winters and chipper falls … I just want to share the love of a good fire ring with microscopic profit for myself.

The big bad dog in the purchase of one of these is getting it home – that is if you want a fire ring of any measurable size. That’s included in my pricing for a range of ten (10) miles around the center of the City of Denton.

Be sure to CONTACT ME for an updated price list today!

New Steel Art Page Added to Denton Welding

I am pacing the build of the Denton Welding website in the hopes of building a following of like-minded yard artisans

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See something you like? That’s our yard, and you can some see the art, pick out your own yard art and even order custom welding and art. Contact me for directions! Do a drive-by if you like, or schedule a tour of the gardens.

Digging Rainy Morning Watching “Fixer Upper”

Rain delay means a binge morning watching Fixer Upper

Shannon Drawe Photography MACRO

Having a fancy outdoor welding shop means when the rain comes the sparks stop. It’s not such a bad thing though. Indoor TV watching the hit “Fixer Upper” Magnolia production from Waco is a real shot in the creative arm.

This rain was a good opportunity to soap off the skiff and have a soft rainwater rinse. Reminds me of my Grandma’s stories of washing her hair in fresh rainwater. I am pretty sure she doesn’t do that anymore, but I bet she would if she could!

Denton Welding Goes Live

Welcome to Denton Welding. Get ready to see steel in a whole new way starting today.

I am Spark, and I build functional steel add-ons to your home and for business needs. My work is both creative and functional. I do not do load bearing work at this time.

Feel free to check back here as I build this website with new items for sale, and samples of my steel work portfolio from homes here in Denton, Texas.