Entry BreezeWay Welding Project

Denton Welding Double Gate Breezeway

This example of a double gate for a breezeway. The design was taken from gates located on the Texas Women’s University Campus, in Denton, Texas, where the client is a professor. I used solid steel square to be more true to the same time period and feel of the gates at TWU.

Obviously, I am not into bent wrought iron, prefab or otherwise. Designs so far have been more on the practical geometric side of unique welding projects. I can imagine a time when we will integrate more curves, and bends, but our direction now is in the flavor of mid-century modern and even back to art deco looking steel works.

Denton Welding Gate Artwork Tile-Sized Insert

Denton Welding - Unique Gate Latch Gravity Balanced

Powder Coating finish is by Triad Product Finishing in Lewisville, Texas.