Steel Porch Railing II

New hand railing for older home being updated in Denton, Texas.


Every job has unique characteristics. This one had some off-kilter bricks that had to hold the hand rail straight. I actually used some donated (by the owner) steel for this project. It was in perfect shape and old US steel, which welds nicely.


Custom hand rail bolted to new siding.

Securely bolted to new siding on home.

Decorative base for steel posts

Bases bolted into solid old brick steps.

Steel Hand Rail on Porch Pre-existing

Glad to be done with this one before the real summer heat! Tired, but satisfied with results.

Hand Rail Decoration makes for unique look

A little additional attention to detail adds character to what most weldors leave simple and plain vanilla.

Hand Rails should look straight - straight on

Look at hand rail straight on, and it doesn’t wave, or waver – it’s a straight line.